The Boy That I want ..

Because i just feel lonely recently .. And i started to think ‘What if i have a boyfriend?’. So, i thought about the boy that i want to be mine.

Maybe it’s because i envy Jongsukie who finally met his soulmate -__- And i thought ” When is my turn?”, and that’s why i finally think about my boyfriend type.

When i was younger, if someone asked me my type of boyfriend i would answered “Natsume Hyuga from Alice Academy” without a second thought.


But because i grew older i kinda changed my type now .. Actually Natsume still in my heart, he always be my perfect boyfriend and i always love him .. But, finding someone like him in this real world is pretty hard. I mean , seriously.

He’s an imagination boyfriend. He’s just a fictional character. Yeah. I know.

That’s why i changed my type somehow ..

For me a boy who’s smart is attractive. And a boy who can plays violin also very attractive. Someone who has cold personality also make me interested. Also who has cool appearance.

But these days, i like someone who has a cute smile with simple and bright personality. I started to like someone who has opposite character than me. It’s pretty weird because i usually like someone who has similiar personality with me.

Maybe because i’m just one hell of gloomy girl, so i need to find someone who’s like the sun… Because i’m just a moon that can’t shine without the sunshine ..

I feel so melancholic these days ..

So the conclusion is .. i want a boyfriend who has a sweet or cute smile, with bubbly personality, who can make me smile & laugh, someone who cares and willing to listen to my story, who can make me feel complete and comfortable… Someone who doesn’t mind if i being a very crazy fangirl and will understand me .. who will accept me the way i am .. who doesn’t hesitate to act silly with me .. someone who i can depend on ..

He doesn’t need to be the most popular, the richest, the smartest, the coolest boy in this entire universe.

The most important point is he would accepted me the way i am .. my bright side , my dark side .. he would understand me ..

But still, a boy who’s knowledgeable is adorable ~


18 thoughts on “The Boy That I want ..

  1. Wow seriously, you wrote something that I wanted to share since a few days ago esp the ‘gloomy girl’ part and the type of bf… though I hate being an introvert kind of person. I’ve always wanted to be like Mikan but idk how. Haha I don’t know why I’m telling you this but at least I found someone like me

    • Hallo Alice-san. Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

      glad to know that there’s someone like me out there ~ hehe
      actually i don’t hate myself for being introvert. i love the way i am and i really proud of my personality because i’m different πŸ™‚

      it just … hmm .. other people sometimes get the wrong idea of me because i don’t talk much. they have their own speculation about me, when actually i’m not like what they think of me.
      that’s why, it’s kinda hard for me and other people to get along well.

      i seem reserved and cold, but i can be very crazy and loud whenever i’m with my best friend.
      so, i think i need someone with opposite personality to complete my flaws ~ hehe

      anyway, i hope that you’ll find your soulmate soon ~ πŸ™‚
      good luck !

      • That’s good that you can accept yourself. Sometimes I’m stressed out because I can’t express myself very well and keep the burdens by myself.

        Yes!! That’s soooo true about the speculations thingy and yep I can be very loud with my best friends too and maybe its bcs I’ve been trapped in my comfort zone all my life that I can’t interact with new people that well.

        Thankyouu, hope you’ll get your soulmate too. πŸ™‚

      • We should accept ourself first if we want other people to accept us ^^ that’s how i think ~
        you can talk to me if you want :3

        i feel the same too… i went to different school with my bestfriend in junior high. so i don’t have close friend now in high school ~ lol
        although i like being alone, but i still need someone to talk to 😐

        yup ~ thanks ^o^/
        let’s find our soulmate ~ yeaah XD

  2. Hi agaiiiiin:)
    apakabar? Aku cm mau nanya aja. Kamu msh fans sm gakuen ga? Aku pgn nanya aja kalo km tau soal graduation book yg tachibana mau publish nanti. Hehe

    • soalnya selama ini juga higuchi udah berapa kali ngeluarin fanbook tapi ga pernah ada jualnya di indo =w= makanya kayanya yg itu juga ga bakalan diterbitin di indo deh … kayanya sih … coba tanyain ke elex-nya langsung =w=

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