For My Special Someone

I don’t understand

Why it’s must be you to be the one in my heart

I have met a lot of people

But it must be you eventually who are in my heart

Love is not coincidence

Love can connect you and me

Only the heart that knows

Who is the one in my dream

You’re the one who i’ve been waiting

Because the heart is begging

Cause the heart is calling for

Born to be yours forever

It’s because my heart

It’s certain that you’re the only one

There’re not many reasons

It’s just because my heart choose you


Dedicated for my future special someone, that i hope HE will be the one, the only one, and the last for me.

Dear future boyfriend, please come soon, and catch my heart ~

Cause i’m tired of waiting

Don’t make me wait any longer .. Okay ?

No need to be perfect. Just someone who can understand me completely. Someone who cares for me. Someone that i can be crazy with. Someone who weird but really sweet. And has a sweet smile ~

Just a simple guy who can make me fall in love head over heel for him ~ kekeke

If he really can do that, i’m sure he’ll be the one for me..


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